Knife Poster - A Modern Guide to Knives - 24x36

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  • COMPREHENSIVE - This 24x36" wall art includes everything you ever wanted to know about pocket knives. It's loaded with information and fun facts to educate yo'self about pocket knafs.
  • DURABLE - made from high quality synthetic Yupo paper that is waterproof and tear-resistant. The ink is also waterproof so you can hang this poster in the shower, assuming that's your jam.
  • EXPERT - the poster was written and designed by a dude who has spent 8 years in the knife industry. It was peer reviewed by a strong handful of knifemakers, knife designers and work buddies who know a thing or two about pocket knives. It's like a college textbook about pocket knives, but not as stuffy and definitely not as expensive as the bookstore. Buying books was probably the worst part about college. This poster is better than that for sures.
  • BOLD - the poster includes one font: Futura. It was designed in Futura Bold, Medium and Italic. Why Futura? Because it's a beautiful typeface. It personifies the strong, blue collar working class that built America, plus it was the go-to for government documents. And it's on the moon. Futura rocks.
  • QUALITY - the poster was designed and printed in the USA on the same paper used on ski maps and high-end topo maps. The paper quality is a reflection of the product itself: we didn't cut corners on it. In fact, my brother only found one error on the whole thing when he eagle-eye proofread it: an errant period in the timeline section across the top. See if you can find it f

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