SlideVisor Black and Limo Tint Double Sun Car Visor

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  • [LARGE SIZE 14.25” WIDE - IDEAL FOR SUV AND LARGE CAR VISORS OVER 14” WIDE] The LARGE SlideVisor double visor extender is the widest sun visor extender available on the market. It is universal and easy to install.
  • [LIMO TINTED SEE THROUGH LENS CUTS SUN & GLARE. BLACK VISOR CUTS ALL SUN & GLARE] Our two-in-one double car sun visor extender uses Limo Tinted see through technology on one visor to filter out 95% of sun & glare light, and one solid black non see through visor to eliminate all sun and glare. Simply slide down your choice of the tinted or black visor.
  • [DOUBLE VISOR DESIGN ADDS VERSATILITY] You choose which visor to slide down into use: the non see through Black visor works great for shorter drivers who want a solid extension of the car’s visor. The Limo Tinted visor lens is great for all drivers who want a dark but see through lens that blocks 95% of all sun and glare.
  • [NO GAP SUN GLARE PROTECTION & NO BLOCK OF VANITY MIRROR] SlideVisor blocks sunlight and sun glare, with no gap between the car’s visor and SlideVisor, and still allows you to use your vanity mirror.
  • [VISORS PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR EYES] the limo tinted visor protects your vision against various ranges of harmful radiation from the invisible and visual spectrum, blocks 95% of sun and glare and 99.9% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays while providing superior optical clarity. This also improves safety.

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